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OW Travel Personalised Luggage Case Cross Straps for suitcases and luggage - Planes Blue + Pink 2 Pack - Heavy Duty Extendable Cross Luggage Strap
OW Travel Personalised Luggage Case Cross Straps for suitcases and luggage - Planes Blue + Pink - Brightly Coloured Luggage Strap

✅ Heavy Duty Luggage Cross Strap Suitcase Belts - with Personalised Baggage Claim Identifier Address Label (Blue + Pink)

Regular price £ 9.97 GBP
✅ HEAVY DUTY LUGGAGE STRAPS with ADDRESS LABEL will keep your baggage safe and secure. The easily adjustable snap buckle closure is engineered from super strong ABS plastic ensuring it survives the rigors of a long haul flight, airport baggage handlers and will fit all standard suitcase sizes. The OW-TRAVEL luggage belt can help prevent suitcases bursting open on the carrousel because of a bag zipper malfunction or lock failure. The straps also make handling of the case easier.

✅ BRIGHTLY COLOURED BELT will help easily identify luggage and just in case other travellers have the same colourful baggage strap the ribbon band includes an address label so that it can be easily personalised for ease of identification and avoids the need to use luggage tags. The ID cards can be easily replaced by cutting a piece of standard card to size. It is not necessary to include your name on the identifiers as they can be personalised with anything such as a picture or a logo.

✅ BELT LENGTH: 120-200 cm; BELT WIDTH: 5cm wide. These long universal luggage non slip straps are a perfect fit for big 20 - 32 inch suitcases, so they can handle anything from small to large cases although bags aren't included at this price! The nylon like material is made from polypropylene and is super durable.

✅ PERFECT GIFT IDEA. These brightly coloured luggage belts are great travel accessory gifts at an affordable price for men and and women. Theses travelling accessories come in a choice of 4 colours: blue, orange, pink and green, not quite the colours of the rainbow but there should be a colour to please everyone. Why not pair it with an OW-Travel padlock to make a perfect gift set?

✅ TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK, that's our promise to you. Try something new without the risk. Ships directly from the UK. Available in a single pack or multiple packs they are an afforable travel accessory making ideal gifts for him and her or the special man or women in your life. Click on the "Add to Cart" button and order NOW!

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