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FAQ about One-Wear disposable briefs panties pants maternity knickers

Why do I need One-Wear disposable underwear?

That is a very good question. One-Wear is premium disposable underwear and is ideal when it is either not possible to wash one's underwear, inconvenient or impossible. One-Wear disposable underwear can be used in a multitude of situations:

  • backpacking / trekking when it is not possible to wash underwear or there isnt the time for it to dry and maximising space is important.
  • long sailing trips where there is no washing machine makes it popular with sailors.
  • hotel laundry can be very expensive and might not be suitable for delicate underwear.
  • business trips when it is necessary to travel light.
  • hospital underwear when it is not possible to wash underwear or when it is in short supply.
  • it is great in emergencies if you forget to take your daily underwear with you to the gym or you have an accident.
  • airlines regularly lose luggage so it is useful to keep a pair in your hand luggage when flying.
  • some of our female customers wear the disposable underwear as it is disposable and very practical during menstruation. Others like to use it when they are pregnant as they change shape and require different sizes of underwear or for the first month after delivery when there is still a lot of blood loss.

Where can I find One-Wear's disposable underwear?

One-Wear's disposable underwear is a new product in the UK. We are hoping to make it available in a number of retail outlets in a location near you. In the meantime, you can shop at our online store. We will post worldwide, and the postage is the same no matter how many packs of underwear you buy. Customers outside the EU maybe liable for local taxes and duties.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear available in Australia, Bangalore, Canada, Delhi, Dubai, India, Japan, Jakarta, Malaysia, NZ, Philipines, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Thailand, UK, Vancouver or Vietnam?

Yes, we can post One-Wear disposable anywhere in the world for minimal cost.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear available at the following retailers: Boots, CVS, Duane Reade, Guardian, Mothercare, REI, Target, Walmart, Watsons or Shoppers Drug Mart?

One-Wear disposable underwear is available at www.One-Wear.com and John Bell and Croyden in Central London.

What material is One-Wear disposable underwear made from: cotton, paper, nylon, net, mesh, polypropylene or gauze?

One-Wear's disposable underwear is made from 100% high quality lightweight cotton making it extremely soft and comfortable. It should not be confused with paper underwear and the other types of underwear made from synthetic materials.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear ugly?

No, One-Wear disposable underwear is made from 100% cotton which gives it a very practical fitted appearance unlike some of the ugly baggy polypropylene underwear available which is one-size fits all.

I am concerned about our environment. Is One- Wear's disposable underwear biodegradable?

One-Wear's disposable underwear is made from 100% cotton, so it is biodegradable.You don't have to throw the underwear after only using once. It can be washed and reused. As the cotton is very lightweight and soft it is delicate and will not survive many washes.

Can I use One-Wear disposable underwear after giving birth as maternity underwear?

Yes, new moms can use One-Wear disposable underwear after delivery. It makes ideal postpartum underwear. In fact One-Wear is ideal for use as maternity underwear because it can be used without having to worry about ruining your usual underwear. Midwives and NCT suggest that disposable underwear should be packed in the hospital bag for the day when the baby arrives.

My children are going to university this year, should I pack One-Wear's disposable underwear for them?

Absolutely. One-Wear's disposable underwear is great disposable clothing to send to pack child of to university with. Your son or daughter will have one less thing to worry about and will have more to study and socialise. One-Wear's disposable underwear removes one their possible excuses for not having enough time to study.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear like adult incontinent underwear?

No, One-Wear disposable underwear is completely different from incontinent underwear. One-Wear's disposable underwear is everyday underwear, except that it is not necessary to wash it as it can be thrown away after using it

Can I use the underwear for heavy periods?

Yes One-Wear disposable underwear can be used for heavy periods when you don't wish to use your best underwear.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear unisex?

No, it isn't. There are bikini briefs for women and briefs for men

Is One-Wear disposable underwear available for kids/children?

There is no specific underwear for youth's but older boys and girls might be able to use the smaller mens and ladies sizes.

Does One-Wear disposable underwear have a liner?

No, it doesn't but there is nothing to stop you using it with a pad.

Can elderly people use One-Wear disposable underwear?

Yes elderly people can use One-Wear disposable underwear, although it is not incontinence wear.

Can obese people use One-Wear disposable underwear?

Yes, obese people can use One-Wear disposable underwear although our largest size is XXL. Please refer to the size chart to ensure you purchase the correct size.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear available from vending machines?

No, it isn't available from vending machines.

Is One-Wear disposable underwear Japanese?

No, it isn't Japanese.

Was One-Wear disposable underwear used in the Celebritry Big Brother 2012 challenge?

Yes, One-Wear disposbale underwear was used. Please take a look at the Channel 5 screen grabs below.