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Choosing your Disposable Briefs

Fabric Quality

In the section discussing the types of fabric disposable underwear we mentioned that 2 types of fabric are use:
- Cotton
- Polypropylene ( also known as PP, non-woven and paper)

Buyers of disposable underwear should be aware that different manufacturers use different qualities of cotton and polypropylene to make their underwear.

In some cases especially with briefs that are cheap the material may prove to be uncomfortable. The underwear may itch, make crackling sounds and may chafe the skin.

Those who plan to use disposable underwear may wish to give a pair a test run first.

Women wearing disposble cotton maternity knickers 

When to Purchase Disposable Underwear

Often Disposable Underwear is used on Holidays, Hospital trips and as Maternity underwear so make sure you allow enough time when looking and ordering.


Price versus Comfort

Disposable Underwear is either available made from cotton or synthetic fabric. If your priority is comfort you should purchase cotton underwear. If your priority is price then you should purchase Disposable Underwear made from synthetic fabric which is often made from polypropylene.


Pairs and Packs of Disposable Underwear

Disposable Underwear is usually sold in multi-packs so you need to know how many pairs there are in a multi-pack so that you can estimate how many packs of underwear you require. There is no standard number of pairs of underwear in a pack. 


Disposable Underwear does not need to be thrown away after a single use

Despite its name Disposable Underwear does not need to be thrown away after a single use if it is made from cotton. It can be reused and can be washed several times either by hand or machine washed on a low heat. As the fabric is soft and lightweight it is not as tough as thicker and heavier daily underwear and so will not last very long with washing.


Is Disposable Underwear necessary?

Disposable Underwear is ideal when it is either not possible to wash one's underwear, inconvenient or impossible. It tends to be very light and thin and extremely compact so can easily fit into someone's pocket. It is great for people who want to travel light and do not wish to carry large amounts of dirty laundry.

Disposable Underwear can be used in a multitude of situations:

✔ Hospital Underwear
✔ Maternity Underwear
✔ Travel Underwear
✔ Emergency Underwear
✔ Menstrual Underwear


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