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What Every Traveler Should Know About Disposable Underwear

No matter who you are or where you’re traveling to, one of the most essential items on your packing list will be underwear. Regular underwear isn’t always the best option for travel – they’re slow drying and they absorb moisture meaning this isn’t the most comfortable or hygienic thing to wear for extended periods of time. Luckily, there is an alternative.

One-wear disposable underwear is one-time-use undergarments you dispose of after wearing, created with convenience in mind. While at home you might do laundry once a week and have dozens of pairs of underwear. On the road, you may be using washing machine less often and traveling with fewer pairs.

These are the several good reasons to travel with disposable underwear, particularly on the extended trips:


  • Save space
    If you’re going on around-the-world trip, you also don’t want to pack dozens of pairs since it will take up precious room in your bag. Disposable briefs need a very little space compared to regular underwear. One-wear disposable underwear is small and compact each pair of briefs is small enough to take anywhere frees up space in your luggage for souvenirs.
  • Convenience
    The practicality of simply throwing away every day the disposable underwear, rather than having to worry about washing dirty underwear or having it laundered. With One-wear disposable underwear, you can just wear and Toss! Also, it's biodegradable- so eco-friendly.
  • Comfort:
    Disposable Underwear has a super soft construction ensures added comfort and a great feel for all-day use. The lightweight breathable construction of the briefs gives great all-day comfort. One-wear provide very comfortable disposable underwear, for both men and women.  

What about disposable travel bras?

While we’re on the topic of disposable travel undergarments, we might as well talk about disposable travel bras. One-wear Disposable Bra is one-size fits most bras. The bras are elasticated and tied at the back and there are no shoulder straps for improved fit. Superset and lightweight construction of each bra which is crafted from natural cotton or polypropylene ensures added comfort and a great feel for all-day use.


So, when packing for your next trip around the world, think about going with disposable underwear!

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