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Disposable Maternity Briefs and Knickers

One of the vital components of the childbirth hospital bag is disposable briefs. Refer to our Buying Disposable Underwear Guide and leave plenty of time to order your briefs in case an emergency arises.

Disposable briefs are made from two types of fabric:
- Cotton and
- Polypropylene.

Most major brands of disposable maternity underwear are made from polypropylene which is an in-elastic fabric and not suitable for holding a birth pad in place. For this reason we would recommend cotton disposable briefs. The Supersoft breathable fabric will stretch to accommodate and hold the pad in place.

Hospital bag with disposable after birth cotton knickers 

MOTHER’s Childbirth Hospital Bag Checklist

It is important to prepare the hospital bag a long time in advance in case an emergency arises. Once prepared the hospital bag should be left close to the front door next to your partner’s hospital bag so that they can be grabbed as you leave the house.

The following checklist is a guide to help prepare a mum's childbirth hospital bag which is referred to be a wide range of names including: c-section hospital bag, caesarean section bag, birth hospital bag, mum to be hospital bag, labour bag, delivery bag, maternity bag, pregnancy bag, hospital baby bag, NHS hospital bag and mum to be hospital bag. I am sure there are more names.

For Labour

✔ Birth plan
✔ Dressing gown
✔ Slippers
✔ Socks
✔ Old nightdress or T-shirt to wear during labour
✔ Massage oils or lotions
✔ Lip balm
✔ Food and drinks or glucose tablets
✔ Books / magazines
✔ Hairband
✔ Pillows
✔ TENS pain relief machine
✔ Toiletry bag
✔ Music


After bay is born

✔ Going-home outfit
✔ Breastfeeding bras
✔ Breast pads
✔ Maternity pads
✔ Nightdress or pyjamas
✔ Toiletry bag
✔ Disposable knickers, briefs or panties
✔ Ear plugs (noisy ward)
✔ Arnica tablets (helps with bruising)

For Baby

✔ Car seat
✔ Outfit for the trip home
✔ Baby blanket (warm for cold weather)
✔ Nappies
✔ Pair of socks or booties
✔ Hat
✔ Jacket or snowsuit for winter babies
✔ Muslin squares


FATHER’s Childbirth Hospital Bag Checklist

In case your partner did not get round to preparing his Dad's Childbirth Hospital Bag we have included a checklist here:

✔ Notes made during NCT class
✔ Birth plan
✔ Diary
✔ Address book with phone numbers
✔ Entertainment
✔ Books or magazines
✔ Crosswords etc
✔ Address book / list of contact telephone numbers
✔ Change for car park and vending machines
✔ Comfortable shoes – preferably sports shoes
✔ Change of clothes including disposable underwear
✔ Toothbrush and toothpaste
✔ Toiletry bag
✔ Watch with a second hand to time contractions
✔ Swimwear if your partner is planning to use a birth pool
✔ Phone, camera or camcorder
✔ Food
✔ Drink
✔ Painkillers for your headache
✔ Charged power pack for your phone or other electrical devices
✔ Massage aids and oils
✔ Glasses
✔ Contact lens solution
✔ Medication


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