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10 Travel Hacks for Having the Most Comfortable Flight Ever

Travel hacks make the task of flying a bit more bearable. While you can’t control everything about the trip, you can take small steps to increase your comfort level.

If you’re about to take a holiday and you’re going to be travelling by air, a little forethought and forward planning can make those hours cooped up in the cabin a lot more enjoyable.

Here are 10 travel hacks for having the most comfortable flight ever!

1. Check in early

Cross one stress off your list by checking in early. By checking in online before you head to the airport, you'll save some time waiting in line and will also be able to pick your seat ahead of time.

2. Choose your seats wisely

If you have the option to choose your seat before you take off, flight attendants and experts recommend heading towards the middle of the aircraft, because there's a bit less turbulence and picking a window seat on the left side if you're trying to get some rest.

OW-Travel Tip: Seatguru is a great website for helping to identify which are the best seats on any given flight. seatguru.com

3. Dress strategically

Wear soft and breathable clothing like sweatshirts and cotton t-shirts will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Avoid wool, tight fitting clothes, or scratchy tags. There’s nothing worse than feeling itchy while stuck in a small space.

4. Pamper yourself

A long flight is the perfect time for some impromptu beauty treatments. Once on the flight, remove your entire make up and give yourself a moisturizing facial. It will certainly help to combat the dehydrating effects of the air conditioning system. Come prepared with a hydrating face mask and an all-purpose balm.

5. Take a few onboard snacks

If you’re not a lover of in-flight food, or your airline doesn’t provide it, you may want to take a few snacks for your journey. Choose healthy options rather than junk food, but always ensure that you check whether you can take them into the country you’re visiting if on an international flight, as some countries have very strict laws. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol, as it will leave you feeling tired and dehydrated – drink plain water instead.

6. Stay hydrated

The conditioned air in the aircraft cabin is incredibly dry, and dehydration will make your body feel worse after landing. Make a mental note to accept water every time it’s offered to you throughout the flight.

OW-Travel Tip: Take an empty drinking bottle onboard and go to the galley and ask one of the airplane staff to fill it for you so that you can be constantly sipping water throughout the flight. 

7. Block out noise and light with ear plugs and an eye mask

Tune out crying babies and chatty passengers with a good pair of earplugs.  With your newfound dark room silence, nap time can finally become a reality.

8. Listen to a relaxing mix

Decide on an airplane playlist before boarding. Calm music or a sleep-inducing podcast will help you zone out and feel more at home while flying. For shorter flights, it can be fun to create a playlist of pump-up music to get you in the vacation mindset.

9. Utilize the pillow and blanket

Most airlines will provide you with a pillow and blanket for longer flights, so you might as well use them! But it's smart to bring a neck pillow or sweatshirt you can roll up to rest your head, just in case a pillow isn't available.

10. Pack some mini toiletries

It’s always a good idea to keep a selection of mini toiletries in your hand luggage to allow you to freshen up before you disembark.

OW-Travel Tip: Refill your favorite products in reusable Silicone Travel Bottles, a 100% leak-proof travel container to prevent mess in transit. Don’t forget the TSA rule which is 100 ml container or less is allowed to avoid airport hassles. 

Those are some of the hacks ensuring your trip more bearable. Just remember that you don’t have to suffer if you can possibly find ways to make the flight less unbearable. And keep in the mind that eventually, it will be over!

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