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How can you minimise the chance of losing your luggage?


A lot of the bags coming down the conveyor belt at arrivals may look just like yours. It's easy to accidentally pick up someone else's bag and it happens a lot

RULE NUMBER ONE for avoiding lost luggage is to LABEL your luggage properly and make it EASY TO IDENTIFY:

✓ Using a bright and distinct luggage strap will immediately make your baggage stand out and indicate to someone that the bag isn't theirs as most people don't realise how useful they are.

✓ On your luggage strap label, write your NAME, DESTINATION ADDRESS and if possible a PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS where you can be reached while traveling. EXCLUDE your home address, anyone seeing it will know it's safe to break into your empty home

✓ PRINT THE SAME INFORMATION ON PAPER AND PLACE INSIDE THE SUITCASE on top of your belongings, where it will be visible as soon as someone opens the case

✓ PERSONALISE THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR LUGGAGE with a brightly-coloured luggage strap will be easy to spot. Day-Glo stickers or tape along the sides may be unsightly but they will make your bag highly visible

✓ REMOVE OLD AIRLINE TAGS, not to confuse baggage handlers

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