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How to use a Suitcase Luggage Strap?


Luggage straps are very simple to use but there are 2 very important considerations people sometimes overlook. These mistakes are very easy to make because looping the suitcase strap is usually one of the last things people invariably do and they are usually in a rush at this point as they are busing looking for their passports or making sure they haven't left them behind

Firstly, the luggage strap must pass through a bag handle as shown in the picture above and indicated by the red circle. A suitcase usually has two baggage handles so if one is broken you can always use the other. The case strap must be fitted this way because otherwise the luggage strap risks sliding off the suitcase as it moves a long the converyor belt on the way to the planes hold.

Secondly, the luggage strap msut be tight fitting on the suitcase. The best way to ensure you have a tight fitting luggage strap is to first of all test the length by fitting the case strap. If it is a bit too long it is best to unbuckle the strap and then shorten the luggage strap. This process should be repeated until there is a snug fit. The luggage strap has to have a tight fit because there are lots of things that a loose fitting luggage strap can potentially snag on as it moves along the conveyor belt system. A snug fitting case belt avoids this happening.


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