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Silicone Travel Bottles: Gift Giving Ideas You’ll Love!

The art of gift-giving is a very delicate thing. You can be very subtle in choosing your gift ideas – and that might not convey the message you want to. Or, you could be very “aggressive” and the gift could be misinterpreted in a way you didn’t want!

There are very few gift ideas that strike a balance between subtle and aggressive, and Silicone Travel Bottles are probably top of that list. We’ll explain why.

What makes Silicone Travel Bottles a great gift idea?

When you give a gift to someone, you want it to mean something. You do that by giving a gift that will be used. That’s exactly what makes silicone travel bottle a great gift idea. But if you are looking for more reasons why silicone travel bottles make for great gifts, here are some:

  • Functional

Someone who receives one will always use it for their travel personal care supplies. It serves an essential biological function by keeping the receiver fresh and alert.

  • Portable

These silicone bottles are lightweight and small enough to take anywhere. You could handily store them in your backpack or your purse, and still have room for everything else you need to carry.

  • Safe
Regular plastic bottles come for “free” when you purchase drinks, hand lotion or liquid soap. So, why spend money buying silicone travel bottles? One word: Safety! Those “free” bottles come with a huge price tag – your health!

OW-Travel Silicone Bottles are BPA-free and completely safe for your health. That’s the reason why you can feel completely at ease giving it as a gift to someone you care about!

  • Environmentally friendly
With regular plastic bottles, you also get environmental pollution, because they are a recycling nightmare. Millions of them end up in landfills, and take decades to decompose. Silicone travel bottles target an eco-friendly traveler that is happy to reuse their bottles every day in the hope of reducing their carbon footprint!
  • Durable
One reason that a silicone travel bottles makes such a great gift idea is its durability. The fact that it lasts month after month, and can sustain falls and drops, scuffs and abrasions, bangs and bumps and still be as good as new makes gifting OW-Travel Silicone Travel Bottles a great idea!
  • Low maintenance
An endearing property of these bottles is that they don’t need too much maintenance. They’re moisture proof and mildew resistant and are easy to wash. That’s why, sometimes gift-givers of silicone travel bottles target their “on the go” friends and well wishers with these gifts. Just a quick rinse under warm or cold water and your gift receiver is ready to re-use his/her OW-Travel Silicone Travel Bottles for yet another trip!
Silicone travel bottles gift giving inspiration

Just because it has the word “travel” in it, doesn’t mean that it’s meant only for travelers.

Here are the common usages that silicone travel bottles target every day. 

1. The traveler

It goes without saying that people that are frequent travelers should have silicone travel bottles as constant companions. Giving a travel bottle as a gift to an avid traveler will not only save them lots of time and money on buying non-disposable personal care liquids on airplanes and trains,  but in some cases carrying your toilet supplies with you might be the most practical thing to do, such as when travelling on long-haul journeys.
2. The commuter

Those who drive long-distances for work or study, and even those that frequently use the train or public transport to go from one place to another are ideal recipients for a silicone travel bottles as a gift. They can take a washroom break and use the lotion or cream in their bottles to freshen up.

3. The newcomer

You may know someone who has just arrived in your neighborhood, your office or your school or university. Imagine how they would feel during the first few days or weeks, not knowing how to freshen up, or the closest store is to get hand lotion or liquid soap if they wish to feel refreshed. Your silicone travel bottle gift will make them feel truly welcomed and stress-free. A travel silicone bottle might even be a great ice-breaking gift to new neighbors next door!

3. The ill friend or relative

Silicone travel bottles can target even those that aren’t active or moving about. Hospitals are often very unwelcoming places for someone to spend the night or several days! And if they are temporarily immobile in a hospital bed say for day surgery procedure or longer knowing that a silicone travel bottle filled with their favorite hand lotion, gel or personal care liquid is within arm’s reach, could cheer them up no end!

4. The environment lover

We all know someone whom we love and admire, who is also very conscientious about eco-friendliness. What better way to show them that you care about their cause by giving them a silicone travel bottle as a gift? They can conveniently carry their travel toiletries wherever they go. It’ll show thoughtfulness and appreciation on your part, because these individuals strongly believe in recycling and reusing, they’ll treasure your silicone travel bottle gift like nothing they’ve ever received!

There’s really no limit to who, when, why or where you can use silicone travel bottles as gifts. Anyone that travels or has need to freshen up in public washrooms or private rest rooms, uses and accepts them. OW-Travel Silicone Travel Bottles can target almost any occasion, these silicone travel bottles make a welcoming gift idea – always!

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