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What can I do if I forget the combination of my TSA Approved padlock?

The 2 main types of padlocks are the market are combination padlocks and ky padlocks. Recently, Bluetooth and fingerprint padlocks have become available but they are not very common and tend to be quite inexpensive.

Combination padlocks are the most common types of suitcase travel padlocks as there are no keys to lose. Nowadays, everybody has so many passwords and pin codes to remember that our busy brains become overloaded and sometimes we forget how easy it is to lose these 3 and 4 digit codes for our combination padlocks and forget to keep proper records of them.

Unlike passwords for online accounts passwords for combination travel padlocks cannot be reset if you forget them. If you could these travel padlocks wouldn't be very secure.

If you do forget the combination it is not too complex to cut the padlock off and purchase a new and they are relatively inexpensive.

To avoid losing the combination code for your padlock take a picture of the combination and keep it stored in your mobile phone or even in your contacts. Alternatively you can write it down and keep the number stored with your passport or in your address book.

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